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Session 1 - 15.00 - 17.30

Session 1 - Nutrition and body composition

Chair: Nick Mascie-Taylor

15.00-15.20   The body composition differences among polish children aged 6-13 using the decision tree alghoritms.
                      P. Pruszkowska-Przybylska, I. Rosset, A. Sitek, D. Strapagiel & E. Żądzińska

15.20-15.40   Association of BMI at the age of 8 years with selected markers of adolescent growth spurt in boys.
                      Magdalena Durda-Masny, Anita Szwed, Tomasz Hanć, Zbigniew Czapla

15.40-16.00   Sex-dependent pattern of changes in percentage of body fat in given BMI across developmental periods.
                      Aleksandra Gomula, Agnieszka Suder, Slawomir Koziel

16.00-16.20   Changes in body compositon of Hungarian female students, during university years.
                      Gábor Áron Vitályos, Gábor Dancs, Sarolta Darvay

16.20-16.40   Level of body fatness before pregnancy compared with changes of anthropometric parameters and feet loading in women at the end of the 1st trimester of gestation.
                      Agnieszka Suder, Agata Masłoń, Barbara Frączek, Marta Curyło, Marcin Salamara, Wanda Forczek.

16.40-17.00   Vitamin D supply in Hungarian children.
                      Annamaria ZSAKAI,  Agota MUZSNAI, Piroska FEHER, Dorina ANNAR, Petra CSIZMADIA, Eva BODZSAR

17.00-17.20   Does the quality of mother’s milk depend on help she receives from significant others?
                       Magdalena Babiszewska, Anna Ziomkiewicz, Magdalena Piosek, Anna Apanasewicz & Marek Szołtysik