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Session 10

Biosocial studies


Body image in Polish adolescent girls and underlying  characteristics of menstrual cycle.
Trambacz–Oleszak Sylwia, Kaczmarek Maria.


The relationship between facial morphology, socio-economic factors and body measurements.
Marie Jandová, Petra Urbanová.


Rural-urban differences in body size and biological condition among Polish young women.
Iwona Wronka, Martyna Zurawiecka.


Maternal postpartum psychosocial stress, breast milk composition and infant temperament.
Anna Ziomkiewicz, Magdalena Babiszewska, Anna Apanasewicz, Magdalena Piosek, Szymon Wichary


Fluctuating asymmetry and socioeconomic status during childhood.
Martyna Zurawiecka