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Session 2 - 15.00-17.30

Session 2: Bioarchaology I

Chair: George R. Milner

15.00-15.20   Chasing the commoners – New finds from a Bronze Age excavation at Kalvehavegaard, Denmark.
                       Svenja Weise, Marlene Refshauge Beck.

15.20-15.40   Presentation of some artificially deformed crania (5th-6th century AD) from Northeastern Hungary.
                      István János, László Szathmáry, László Szűcs, Mónika Molnár.

15.40-16.00   Unrelated Coastal Burials in Denmark. Rituals and Traditions.
                      Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde.

16.00-16.20   Interactions between biological sex and frailty: Insights from laser microscopy of enamel defects.
                      Gamble J, Boldsen J; Hoppa R; Milne B.

16.20-16.40   Dental enamel hypoplasia and famines: physiological stress in 18th century Provence.
                      Luana Batista-Goulart, Isabelle Séguy and Gérald Quatrehomme 

16.40-17.00  Osteoporotic bone fractures and bone loss in males from archaeological sites in Kujawy (Poland).
                     J.Mietlińska, J.Karkus, M.Kurek, P.Borówka, M.Stuss, E.Sewerynek, W.Lorkiewicz, E.Żądzińska 

17.00-17.20  An anthropological overview of the Balkanian populations.
                     Marios Dimopoulos, Greece