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Session 4 - 13.30-16.00

Session 4 - Growth

Chair: Monika Krzyzanowska

13.30-13.50   Undernutrition = stunting, stunting ≠ undernutrition. The old fairy tale of “clean your plate”.
                      Hermanussen M, Bogin B, Scheffler C.  

13.50-14.10   Modern studies lack evidence of an association between nutrition and height in developing countries.
                      Scheffler C, Mumm R, Hermanussen M 

14.10-14.30   Influence of stress in early ontogeny on the hand development and child growth.
                      Monika Zemanová, Miroslav Králík, Slawomir Koziel, Pavlina Ingrová, Anna Škultétyová.

14.30-14.50    Biosocial inequalities in height in the 1970 British birth cohort
                      Monika Krzyzanowska, CG Nicholas Mascie-Taylor

14.50-15.10    The Effect of Sport Training on Morphological Parameters of Sport Gymnasts at Younger School Age.
                      Petr Kutac.

15.10-15.30    Pace-of-Life Syndrome – Life-history, risk-taking and cardiovascular physiology in adolescents.
                      Andreas Lehmann, Jana A Eccard, Christiane Scheffler, Ralf HJM Kurvers and Melanie Dammhahn.

15.30-15.50    Growth of contemporary Greenlandic children exceeds the WHO groth charts.
                       Mathieu Roelants, M. Kløvgaard, NO Nielsen, TL Sørensen, P. Bjerregaard, B Olsen, P Júliiusson, H. Christennsen.

15.50-16.10    The Heath-Carter somatotype in Russian children and adults and its bioimpedance assessment
                       Rudnev SG, Anisimova AV, Godina EZ, Negasheva MA, Sindeyeva LV.