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Session 5

Disease in the past


The association between skeletal lesions and tuberculosis diagnosis using a probabilistic approach.
Dorthe Dangvard Pedersen, George R. Milner, Hans Jørn Kolmos, Jesper L. Boldsen.


The effect of leprotic infection on the risk of death in medieval rural Denmark
K. Saige Kelmelis*, Michael H. Price, James W. Wood.

*Student Award Winner 

Dining in the Danish medieval leprosarium at Næstved: using stable isotopes to reconstruct the diet
Anastasia Brozou*, Niels Lynnerup, Marcello Mannino, Andrew Millard.

*Student Award Winner 

Co-occurrence of cleft palate and osteomalacia in a medieval skeleton from Yorkshire.
Jo Buckberry, Hannah Koon and Eleftheria Pavlou.